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I don’t understand when people laugh at other ones when they experience some unusual wheather. Like somebody says: “This winter was so cold, we even had some snow!” or other one say - “today was 30°C, I am melting”. It may not look so hard for you but… If you live in the warm/hot place, you probably don’t have enough warm clothes, heaters, etc.. If you live somewhere cold then sudden hot day can be really hard (like I don’t have air conditioner or ventilator, I use fan and sometimes spray bottle). And there is more, extreme (for this place) temperatures and other natural events can (and usually do) come very unexpectedly. 

I know that it is all (mostly) is jokes. But I still don’t understand why call somebody weakling when they fight with something unusual, without supply.


Knockout selfie with prime member series ⑫!!

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draw human arcee from transformers prime
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i love this angry child


what’s the deal with the posts i keep seeing that are like “mentally ill people CANNOT HELP being abusive please do not blame them for being abusive since they can’t control it uwu” like i am sympathetic to the idea that mental illness sometimes causes people to behave in hurtful ways but i don’t think that means other people are obligated to put up with it, particularly when those most likely to be targeted by that behavior are other mentally ill people

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I just looked out the window and there is snow on the ground! What?





And it is snowing a little (with little af rain but the snow don’t melt right away)